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Yvette Goldberg

 Founder and Owner


ABN 51 062 986 809


My Favourite Memories takes your photos and dvds then digitally downloads them to USB flash drive so you can look at them on your computer or put them up on your TV at any time.


My Favourite Memories was started when I was left many albums belonging to my parents. I had to find a place to store them along with all my own albums. I was constantly rearranging cupboards and shelves trying to find a way that they were tidy and protected but still handy.  I also had the same problem with shelves of home videos on Dvds of the kids growing up, our travels, many dance concerts and the kids various sporting events.


I found by having them on USB flash drive it made it so convenient for when I want to relive favourite memories or share photos on Facebook and Instagram. Great for when you want to post pictures or collages for birthdays or make photo books.


We will make separate folders for you so you can easily find what you are looking for. We can file under a name, place, year or any other heading you would like. It's up to you. We can also make as many copies as you like so you can have one for each member of the family.

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